They did not know it was impossible, so they did it!, Mark Twain

The IGOsat project is above all a pedagogical project and progresses through the work of successive generations of students. It also benefits from the support and expertise of researchers and lecturers at Paris Diderot University and the associated laboratories.

Below are the internships proposals starting February 2019:

GPS Payload flight software development internship proposal

Ground Software programming for IGOSat

Scintillator Payload flight software development

System Engineering and EM functional tests for IGOSat

Attitude Control Systems and AIT for IGOSat

Electronic Design and tests Engineer for IGOSat internship proposal

Flight Software For IGOSat_Command and Data Handling

Flight Software For IGOSat_Scheduler

AIT for the Qualification Model of the Electrical Power System

AIT for the Qualification Model of the Scintillator Payload


You want to participate in the project? We are interested in all profiles! Do not hesitate to contact us, we will see together how your skills can be used and highlighted in the IGOSat project.

Tip: prepare a CV and a cover letter!

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