Communicating with a satellite in orbit around the Earth is simple … on paper. In practice, it is important to prepare well in advance, and of course to get all the necessary authorizations.

In order to ensure optimum use of radio waves in France, the National Agency of Frequencies (ANFR) is responsible for regulating Radiofrequency broadcasts on the territory. To do this, it supervises authorizations with the help of certifications for individuals and clubs.

In the framework of the IGOSat project, the radio club UnivEarthS was created to guarantee legal support for future telecommunications between the nanosatellite and the ground station in Paris. A test phase with satellites already in orbit will be carried out this year, in order to prepare operations for launch in 2018.

If successful, this station can be used in other missions in the future … Let’s cross fingers!

photo antenne toit

Creation of the radio club UnivEarthS

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